Mactaggart Foodlink – 20 Mactaggart Road Freehold B1 Industrial

Mactaggart Foodlink Facade

Mactaggart Food Link is a new Freehold B1 Food Industrial development by Lian Beng Group Ltd emerging at the sought after location of Macpherson District. Just right at the borders of the Central Region, this commercial development is found right at 20 Mactaggart Road, District 13.

The said “Business 1” site features 28 superb units within its 5 storey building with a TOP completion date in 2020. It is set to welcome small and even big time businesses through its awesome facilities and state of the art site plan boosting the success of its future unit owners.

Unit seekers will get a hold of its first class Central Kitchen, along with a Food Processing Room, Cold Storage and Food Preparation area designed in a very chic, spacious yet grandeur looking setting to capture the hearts of its upcoming unit owners.


Mactaggart Foodlink at former Khong Guan Building

Mactaggart Food Link was formerly known as Khong Guan Industrial which was put up for sale on September 7, 2016. Despite the aggressive bidders competing for its price, the tender was awarded to the long running Lian Beng Group Ltd.
This freehold development garnered a sales cost of $31 million in total with 21,123 sf ft site area. It holds a plot ratio of 2.5 and given a B1 status and a light industrial development base on the 2014 Master Plan from Urban Redevelopment Authority.


Developer of Mactaggart Foodlink

Mactaggart Food Link is being developed by Lian Beng Group Limited, prominent to have complete major civil engineering public works along with a number of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

With a location within Geylang’s Planning area, locals expect to get the most of high end establishments from commercial shopping malls to leisure sites, parks, restaurants and a modern residential estate which contributes to the harmonious and present day vibe Macpherson can offer.


Mactaggart Foodlink at 20 Mactaggart Road

The prominent location of Macpherson district is home to a number of commercial sites as well as industrial companies clustered within. There are a handful of residential estate as well giving off an exclusive yet peaceful aura while residing within its premise.

Presenting a whole lot of access towards the NEX Shopping Mall with the Cold Storage and Fairprice for your grocery needs. There’s also the Kensington Square Shopping Mall as well as the Heartland Mall and ICB Shopping Centre.

Other grocery shops to look forward to is the Giant Hypermarket found in Serangoon Central and the Prime at Joo Seng Place.

When it comes to education, Macpherson has it covered. Loads of elite schools for students of all ages are available surrounding Mactaggart Food Link. Part of the list includes the Bethel Kindergarten, Bethany Kindergarten, Cedar Primary School, Maris Stella High School, Bartley Secondary and Macpherson Secondary.

Nanyang Junior College is simply 2 kilometers away plus the Curtin University and DPS Intl School to name some

Mactaggart Food Link has a food centre of its own as well as its neighbouring dining facilities, unit owners can also visit the Joo Seng Food Place for a delectable dish served hot along with Circuit Road Market & Food Centre, Hougang 105 Hainanese Village Centre and the Serangoon Avenue Market & Food Centre.

In addition, leisure sites can complete the draining mood of one’s hard working soul by simply heading to the Pub Recreation Club, Surin Avenue Neighbourhood Park, Serangoon Community Park and the Serangoon Stadium for an entertaining sports event you couldn’t miss.

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